3 Days Tour In Beijing

3 Days Tour In Beijing


Haway is a company with enthusiasm and energy . In Haway you can not only earn money but also get professional experience. You do not only work but also get happiness.

3 Days Tour In Beijing

Haway is a company with enthusiasm and energy . In Haway, we can not only earn money but also get professional experience. You do not only work but also get happiness. Our company organizes employees to travel to different places every year. Staff can get relax and learn at the same time.

This year our destination is Beijing, the capital of China. Beijing is a world-famous city with rich cultural heritage. The Forbidden City and Great Wall are representatives of Beijing.

Following the tour guide and listening a vivid and detailed explanation, we visited the Beijing Forbidden City for one day. Colleagues have a deep understanding of Chinese culture and the history of the Forbidden City.


The next day we went to the Great Wall to experience the magnificence and the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. When we are feel the grandeur of the Great Wall, our manager also guides us to think about the company. The Great Wall is made of countless brick, each of which is very small, but countless such inconspicuous bricks put together a wonder. Every brick is inconspicuous for the Great Wall, but the entire Great Wall is incomplete without a brick. In the same way, everything done by one person in the company is very small, but if we all do everything well, we can ensure that our products are of high quality. Although our products are only a part of a trailer, each of our products, even a bolt, is representative of the quality of the  trailer. Only when we make every small accessory well can we ensure that the complete trailer is  high quality.

"Parts make perfect" is our slogan also is our goal.