Haway Will Show The Newest Trailer Part On The Online Canton Fair

Haway Will Show The Newest Trailer Part On The Online Canton Fair


We will take our newest trailer parts products to attend 2020 online Canton Fair. Welcome to visit us and find the high qualiy trailer parts you need.

Haway Will Show The Newest Trailer Part On The Online Canton Fair 
2020 is an extraordinary year. COVID-19 has become the hottest word in a this years. Too many people have lost their lives and countless companies have declared bankruptcy because of it. The lives of people all over the world have changed. In order to better protect people, most countries encourage citizens not to go out and stay at home as much as possible. Students have online lessons at home. Work at home is more and more popular.

People can't drag their own boat to surf if they can not go out. The demand for trailers temporarily decreased, and the demand for trailer accessories also decreases. As a professioan trailer parts manufacturer, our exports have also decreased. Fortunately, the epidemic in China has been brought under control in February. Since March, our company has fully resumed production.
I believe that the virus will be controlled all over the wold in a near future and people will return to normal life. Until then, the trailer will still have to be produced, and the trailer parts will still be needed. Most buyers and exporters are now preparing for resumption of production. 

In view of the fact that people cannot gather on a large scale, all exhibitions are suspended or delayed. Canton Fair as an important way for people around the world to find Chinese suppliers can not be held on the sit this year. In order to better serve Chinese companies and foreign buyers, China decided to hold an online Canton Fair. At that time, Chinese companies can upload photos and videos of their products and companies to the Internet. For overseas purchases, you can view the company information and product information through the Internet, and  communicate with Chinese companies online. More importantly, the government decided to waive the enterprise's exhibition fee. This means that more Chinese companies will participate in the online Canton Fair, which is an opportunities for Chinese manufacturers. It is a good thing for foreign buyers, because they can see more companies online and have more choices. Foreign friends, don't miss this good opportunity.

In order to better display our trailer parts, company and, equipment and our profession, we are also actively preparing. We will upload pictures and videos of our trailer parts including new trailer axles, torsion axles, Trailer jack, the most popular trailer fenders and other products on the Internet. If you are a buyer of trailer parts, welcome to our online booth. During the Canton Fair, we will give discount for all the trailer parts and boat trailer parts. 

Looking forward to see you!