How To Choose A Trailer Axle?

How To Choose A Trailer Axle?


When buy a trailer axles you need to know its loading capacity, length, axle style and many other factors. We can tell you every small details that need to pay attention to when buy trailer axle.

How To Choose A Trailer Axle?
No matter you build a new trailer or replace a used axle. Please read this article before buy a trailer axle. It can help you avoid mistakes and save time. 
Before buy a trailer axle you need to pay attention to below things. 

1.Axle Style
Before purchasing a trailer axle the first thing you need to do is finding out what kinds of axle you need. There are many kinds of axle, like straight axle, rubber torsion axle, drop axle. If you are replacing a old axle, it is better to choose the same style trailer axle as the old ones. If you are building a new trailer, considering your trailer usage then choose the right axles. Drop axles and rubber torsion axles are normally used on boat trailers, car trailers or animal trailers that requires a relatively low bed. 
If you are replacing an old axle and want to reuse old mounting hardware be sure that you have proper tire clearance. Please also consider spindle size when you intend to reuse the old hubs or drums. 

2.Trailer Axle Loading Capacity
The second thing need to be considered is trailer axle loading capacity. For single axle trailers one axle must support the maximum gross vehicle weight rating. For multiple-axle trailers, divide the maximum gross vehicle weight rating by the number of axles to determine the load capacity of each axle. Usually it is required that the trailer axle loading capacity should be a slight more than the weight of the trailer and its load. 

3.Axle Length
Axle length is also very important. Overall axle length, track length, Hub Face To Hub Face Length and spring center to center length are what people usually mentioned.

(1)Trailer Axle Overall length
The distance between the center of one tire and the center of the opposite spindle is the trailer axle overall length. As it is not easy to measurement people do not use it regularly. But when you buy a new axle it can be reference number. 

(2)Trailer Axle Track Length
Trailer Axle track length is reference the distance between the center of one tire and the center of the opposite tire. This length changes based on different kinds of wheels. The type of wheels have different offset and this offset make the distance between the center of two tires varies. If you need to replace an axle,you're going to need a more accurate number than track length. 

(3)Hub Face To Hub Face Length
When you cannot get an accurate length by measurement track length. You can get accurate number by measuring the length tween one hub face and the other hub face. The hub face is the mounting surface where the wheel studs are located. It's a machined surface, so those measurements are much more accurate than a tire-to-tire measurement.

(4)Spring Center To Spring Center Length
The distance from the center of one spring to the center of the spring on the opposite side is called the spring center. You can also think of this as the distance from one spring mounting pad on the axle to the spring mounting pad on the other side.
Normally,the spring centers are matched to the frame width of the trailer. This information is useful if you have to replace the axle on your trailer. 

4.Trailer Axle Bolt Pattern
The bolt pattern of the axles can vary depending on the capacity of the axle. The bolt pattern also determines what type of wheel can be used on your trailer. We supply hubs with 4 bolts, 5 bolts and 6 bolts. The more lug nuts used on an trailer axle, the stronger that axle will be.
4 bolts are for small loading capacity trailer axles. Most axles with 5 bolts. For the axles capacity is over 1500kg we recommend to use 6 bolts braked hub or drum. For detailed information you can visit trailer axles details.