What Is Torsion Trailer Axle?

What Is Torsion Trailer Axle?


Torsion trailer axle is an independent trailer suspension. No leaf spring are need for torsion axle trailers. There are full length and half torsion axles.

What Is Torsion Trailer Axle?
Torsion axles are the hot ticket for several years. Torsion axle is a kind of trailer suspension which is different from leaf spring trailer suspension. If choosing torsion trailer axle for a trailer, the leaf springs are not needed because torsion axle has its own shock absorption function. 

The rubber rods in the torsion play the role of shock absorption. The function of the rubber rod is equivalent to the leaf spring. The torsion trailer axles absorb shocks through these rubber rod.
Leaf spring axle beams are made of solid steel bar. So their load capacity can be very big. Some leaf spring trailer axle can bearing 8000lb or even 10000lb weight. But for the torsion axles, the rubber rod must be installed in axle beam so the beam must be steel tube not solid steel bar. The maximum weight capacity of the torsion trailer axle is smaller than the leaf spring axle. The maximum weight capacity of our torsion axle is 6000lbs. Torsion arm axles with a load of 1000-6000lbs can be supplied.

The key technology in the production of torsion trailer axles is how to put the rubber rod into the beam. Many companies will use liquid nitrogen cooling technology to make rubber rod smaller then putting it into the square tube axle beam. We have our own unique way to put the rubber rod into the beam. This way can protect the axle beam perfectly and extend the service life.
There are full length torsion axle and a half torsion axle. The full length torsion axle is same as the leaf spring axle, which axle 
penetrates two sides of the trailer. The half torsion axle is an independent suspension. The advantage of half torsion axle is that the width of the trailer is not limited by the axle. This half axle is more suitable for customized trailers. Because everyone has his own requirements of the width for his trailer, if use full length trailer axle, you need to customize the axle length according to the width of each trailer. But the same length half torsion axles can be used on trailers with different widths.
Like leaf spring, the surface treatment of the torsion trailer axle can also be hot dip galvanized or powder coated. We supply much galvanized torsion trailer axles for boat trailer manufacturers Torsion axles can also be equipped with mechanical brakes, electromagnetic brakes or hydraulic brakes too. If you need a customized torsion arm axle, please contact us.