What Are The Advantages Of Torsion Axles?

Time: 2020-08-10
Summary: They have some huge advantages over leaf spring axles: Torsion-axle suspension has a lower profile and safer for the trailer, has a smooth riding and no need much work for maintenance.
What Are The Advantages Of Torsion Axles?
Torsion axles are becoming more and more popular. They have some huge advantages over leaf spring axles.
1.Torsion-axle suspension has a lower profile, so the trailer rides closer to the ground. Torsion bars axles are a very good choice if you want a low bed with enhanced loaded stability.
2.Trailers with torsion axle suspension have a lower bed so it is also easier to load the trailer. Torsion trailer axles is perfect choice for car trailer, boat trailers, motor bike trailers ect.
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3.Torsion axle suspension is safer than leaf spring suspensions.For the trailer with torsion axle suspension if the suspension fails, the axle can't detach itself from the trailer bed. But when break a leaf spring, or even a spring shackles it can be dangerous. A detachment can happen when a spring breaks on a standard trailer suspension.
4.If you use the half torsion axles, each wheel on a torsion-axle trailer can move independent of the others. When one side of the trailer hits a bump, that movement will not be transmitted to the other side. But this transmission happened on leaf spring trailer axle suspension. In a leaf spring setup, the shock absorption is achieved by several flat pieces of metal that are arched.When the trailer encounters a bump in the road, the springs bend in the opposite direction but return to their arched shape. Because leaf springs are connected with a solid axle, movement on one side of the trailer is transmitted to the other side.
5.No need much work for maintenance. If your trailer has a torsion axle suspension you just need to check the mounting bolts every six months to one year to make sure everything is secure. Aside from that checkup' torsion trailer axle suspensions require no maintenance.
6.Torsion bars axle can be very compact and allow significant freedom in designing a trailer. The elasticity of the torsion bar axle also provides natural damping to the bumps in the road. Because they are single sided units, torsion bars create a truly independent suspension.Torsion axles are a good choice for light-duty trailers.

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