What Is The Shortcomings Of Torsion Axle Suspension?

What Is The Shortcomings Of Torsion Axle Suspension?


The shortcomings disadvantages of torsion trailer axle are unbalanced weight on trailer, not suit for heavy duty trailers, rubber getting hard.

What Is The Shortcomings Of Torsion Axle Suspension?

In the last article we have talked about the advantages of torsion axles. Are there any shortcomings or weak points for the torsion trailer axles? Sure. Every thing has advantages and disadvantages. Compared with leaf spring axles, there are 4 points need to be considered when choosing torsion trailer axle. 

1.One consideration with a torsion-axle suspension system is that all of the forces are localized on a very specific point on the frame. Some people feel that this adds significant stress compared to the leaf spring trailer suspension. That's why so many light duty trailers use torsion axle suspensions really heavy trailers stay away from torsion axles.  

2.When choosing torsion trailer axle the load distribution to the frame can be complex.  Especially when individual units are used, creating forces in two directions.

3.For the tandem axle trailers with torsion axle. The torsion bars don't load share in multiple-axle configurations. Thus, as a trailer is pulled over a bump, one axle takes far more of the load than the others. That means one side could overload while the other is hardly loaded at all. 

4.Finally, As we know torsion axle use rubber rods, which is in the torsion axle beam to absorb shock. If the torsion axle manufacturer does not use high quality rubber rods they will get hard after several years. The seismic effect of the entire axle will be weakened. If choose good rubber rods you should not worry about this problem. As our experience, that by the time the torsion bar hardens,the frame of the trailer will also reach the end of its useful life.

Although the torsion trailer axles have these shortcomings, their advantages are that the leaf spring trailer axle cannot be replaced. That's the torsion trailer suspension are so popular. They are still the ideal choice for many kinds of trailers like boat trailers, car trailers and livestock trailers and other light duty trailers which requires a low bed.