What Components Need to Be Checked Before Replacing the Trailer Axle?

What Components Need to Be Checked Before Replacing the Trailer Axle?


Before the trailer axle is replaced, checking the necessary components of the trailer can help us to match a more suitable trailer axle. This article will specifically introduce the components that need to be checked before the trailer axle is replaced.

 the specific conditions that these components need to be checked

Through the inspection and measurement of trailer suspension components, we can clearly know the condition of these components. This will help us to replace more suitable trailer axles, and it will be more convenient in the process of replacing trailer axles. The following are the specific conditions that these components need to be checked.

When the trailer axle is replaced, it is usually damaged due to corrosion or impact. If this is due to the shaft being corroded by seawater or any other environment, in most cases, many of your other hardware will also rust and require repair. 

View all the components that make up the trailer's suspension system. When you make a replacement, you will most likely cut off the rusty parts to replace the axle. When you perform this process, this is the best time to replace the relevant parts of the trailer's leaf spring shaft system.

(1)Leaf springs

Start from the frame of the trailer and observe the condition of your leaf springs. This component is actually responsible for fixing your leaf springs, axles, and finally tires and wheels in place.

This component is essential to the overall function of the trailer, so if its condition is affected, it must be dealt with in time. These spring hangers can be welded directly to the frame of your trailer, or they can be bolted, depending on the overall style of the trailer you own.

(2)Leaf spring mounting bolts

You need to check all the leaf spring mounting bolts. Based on your leaf spring suspension type and the number of axles on the trailer, look at all the bolts to determine if they can be reused. As mentioned earlier, in many cases, these need to be cut off due to corrosion.

(3)Trailer balance bar

If you have a tandem axle trailer, which means there are two axles, please check your trailer balance bar to make sure they are still in stable working condition. As they come in several different sizes, measure the width and height of the axle while you are looking to ensure proper replacement. If you have a single axle trailer, you do not need this component.

(4)Trailer leaf spring shackles

On single-axle and tandem-axle trailers with double-eye leaf springs, there may be trailer leaf spring shackles on your trailer suspension. The required number of these shackles needs to be determined according to the specific type of trailer. If you have sliding springs or reverse curves (type leaf springs), you do not need these leaf spring shackles.

The next component to look at will be where the leaf spring and shaft are installed. This installation will use these leaf spring U-bolt kits. This is to connect your trailer axle to the leaf spring. You need to remove the current axle mounting bolts when replacing the axle. Therefore, if they are corroded, they need to be cut off in time.

Measure the width and inner diameter between the current U-bolt legs and the length of the U-bolt legs. This will ensure that you get the correct replacement axle U-bolt mounting kit, depending on your axle size.

This basically summarizes all the components that need to be checked in advance to replace the trailer axle. If you want to know more about the trailer axle after reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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