How to Prevent the Trailer Axle from Breaking?

How to Prevent the Trailer Axle from Breaking?


The fracture of the trailer axle will cause other parts of the trailer to be worn and cause a series of problems. Today, let’s talk about the reasons for the breakage of the trailer axle and the methods to prevent it.

 the reasons for the breakage of the trailer axle and the methods to prevent it

The performance of a vehicle's wheels and suspension system basically depends on the condition of the trailer axle. The axle parameters connect the power of the engine to the tires and carry the full weight of the vehicle and its components.

If your car's shock absorber is worn out, any bumps or potholes on the road may damage your axle. The axle continues to rotate and bend to adapt to different road conditions, it may wear out and fail, causing the axle to break.

If an axle is broken, it puts extra stress on the car shocks, causing them to wear out prematurely, resulting in costly repair bills. Bad axles can also result in excessive wear to your tires, costing you even more money in replacing your tires.

It is important to understand the indicators of axle failure:

(1) When you put the vehicle into gear, you suddenly hear a clicking sound.

(2) Vibration is felt when driving in a straight line, braking, or driving around a curve or curve.

(3) The power is not transmitted from the engine to the wheels.

In addition, it’s best to understand what caused the shaft to break:

(1) Overload

When the load is too much, such as too much cargo or too many passengers, the axle may not have enough strength to bear the weight of the vehicle.

(2) Aging

This is especially common in older models, high mileage vehicles, or vehicles carrying heavy loads. As the trailer ages, the axle becomes more brittle and/or rusty, reducing its strength.

(3) The road condition is bad

Excessive pressure caused by road bumps or potholes is exerted on the axles, making it impossible to carry the weight of the vehicle.

You can take some measures to prevent the occurrence of axle breakage.

Keep it clean

Always keep the moving parts of the trailer axle free of dust, dirt, and debris. This dirt accumulates over time. We want to reduce the chance of pebbles or dirt gathering under the trailer hitch or between the brake pads.

Repack the bearings

Remove the wheels from the trailer axle and take out the wheel hub to clean the bearings. This step is recommendable every year or two, depending on the usage of the trailer. Make sure you clean the bearings with a solvent and then pack the bearings and the hub with grease. This ensures the smooth operation of your trailer axle by reducing friction between the moveable parts of the axle and metal wheels.

Lubricate the trailer axle

It is usually necessary to lubricate and maintain the trailer axle, which can not only keep the trailer axle in good running condition but also prevent its aging and prolong its service life.

Let the trailer run smoothly

Try to keep the trailer from driving on uneven ground, because this is not only a test of the trailer's tires, but also increases the risk of trailer axle breakage.

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