Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension For Boat Trailer
Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension For Boat Trailer
Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension For Boat Trailer

Item specifics

Boat trailers
Surface Finish
3 leaf - 9 leaf
600 kg - 2000 kg

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Capacity SizeLengthFree Camber Surface Treatment
600 KG45mm x 6mm x 3 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
900 KG45mm x 6mm x 4 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
1000 KG45mm x 6mm x 5 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
1200 KG45mm x 6mm x 6 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
1350 KG45mm x 6mm x 7 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
1500 KG45mm x 6mm x 8 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
1600 KG45mm x 6mm x 9 Leaf 760mm150mmDacromet
700 KG45mm x 8mm x 2 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
850KG45mm x 8mm x 3 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
1100 KG45mm x 8mm x 4 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
1350 KG45mm x 8mm x 5 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
1500KG45mm x 8mm x 6 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
1700KG45mm x 8mm x7 leaf 710mm110mmDacromet
1350KG60mm x 7mm x 6 leaf 765mm150mmDacromet
1530KG60mm x 7mm x 7 leaf 765mm150mmDacromet
1720KG60mm x 7mm x 8 leaf 765mm150mmDacromet
2000KG60mm x 7mm x 9 leaf 765mm150mmDacromet


  • Slipper Leaf Springs are a part of the boat trailer, which function is resisting shock and also ensures a smooth ride. 
  • Haway supplies a wide range of boat trailer Slipper Leaf Springs. Our leaf springs are made of high quality material and they are strong and durable. 
  • All slipper springs used on boat trailers are Dacromet surface treatment to provide more resistance against salt water. 
  • Spring length means distance from tail to central mounting hole.  Weight capacity is based on a set (two springs).
  • Leaf spring is an integral part for most trailers. As a trailer suspension leaf springs provide the attachment points for trailer axle, suspending it from the trailer frame. 
  • Front mounting holes of slipper spring are attached on front spring hanger brackets that welds on the trailer frame and mounted with bolt. The tail of slipper end slides into the rear hanger. 
  • Above information is our common models. We accept custom products too.
  • Leaf spring mounting kits are available. Please leave a message with us to get more information.