3500 lb Trailer Axle Kit With Idler Hub Custom Built
3500 lb Trailer Axle Kit With Idler Hub Custom Built
3500 lb Trailer Axle Kit With Idler Hub Custom Built
3500 lbs

Item specifics

leaf spring trailer axle
3500 lbs
Surface Finish
black painted
without brake
idler hub
bolt pattern
5 bolts on 4.5''

Product review


 3500 LBS Trailer Axles Specifications

● Weight capacity: 3500 lbs

● Beam tube size: φ60mm

● Hub face length: available in difference length 

● Spring center distance: supply based on customer requirement

● Hub: idler hub

● Bolt pattern: 5 bolts on 4.5’’

● Outer bearing: L44649/10

● Inner bearing: L68149/11

● Dust cam diameter: 50.3mm

● Grease nipple: option

● Surface finish: black painted 

● Brake mounting flange: with 5 holes (option)

The axle with idler hub does not need the brake mounting flange, which does not included on no brake axle. If customer required the brake mounting flange can be welded on. 

In this way the idler hub can be changed to braked hub or drum and the axle becomes to braked axle. 

We supply 3500 pound trailer axle with idler hub, and 3500 lb trailer axle with electric brakes. We supply 3500 lb trailer axle kit (with leaf springs, tie plates, U bolts, nuts) and 3500 torsion axle as well.  

We are the professional trailer axle manufacturer supply many kinds of axles with very competitive price. 

Contact us to get quotation now. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers about 3500 LBS Trailer Axles

● How many bolts on 3500 lb trailer axle hub.

Most of the 3500 lb trailer axle hub with 5 bolts on each hub, which also called 5 lug trailer axle. 

● What size bearing for 3500 lb trailer axle 

The outer bearing used on 3500 lb trailer axle is L44649/10. The inner bearing used on it is L68149/11

● Are the trailer axle 3500 lb underslung or overslung design. 

Both underslung and overslung are available. Just tell me you requirement

● How much is a 3500 lb trailer axle?

As a trailer axle manufacturer all our provide wholesales price based on wholesale quantity. 3500 lbs trailer axle with idle hub FOB price range is US$60-US$75. 

Tell us your requirement then we will give you detailed price.