7000 lb Trailer Axle With Electric Brakes
7000 lb Trailer Axle With Electric Brakes
6000 lbs with brakes

Item specifics

leaf spring trailer axle
7000 lbs
Surface Finish
black painted
electric brakes
Brake size
bolt pattern
8 bolts on 6.5''

Product review


 7000 lb Trailer Axles With Electric Brakes Specifications

● Rated: 7000 lbs

● Brake: electric brake (+ hand brake option)

●Brake size: 12''

●Bolt Pattern: 8 bolts on 6.5''

●Outside bearing: 15123/245

●Inside bearing: 22580/20

●Dust cap size: 62mm

●Zerk: yes, with zerk 

●Beam size: φ76mm round tube 

●Hub face distance: custom length

● Surface finish: black painted 

Features of 7000 pound trailer axle with electric brakes

● The 7000 lbs trailer axle with electric brakes is fitted with 12'' brake, 8 bolts on the drum. 

● Drum surface finish is E-coating. 

● Electric brake can be fitted with hand brake. The handbrake is used when the trailer is parked. 

● The handbrake can prevent the trailer from moving when parked and increase safety. 

● Electric brake is from Sino-US joint company, quality is assured. 

● 7000 lb trailer axle with hydrualic disc brake is available too. 

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7000 lb trailer axle with electric brakes

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers about 7000 LB Trailer Axle With Electric Brakes

● Do you supply 7000 lb trailer axle parts like spindle, hubs or brakes?

Yes. We can supply the axle parts, including hubs, brake, spindles, separately. 

● What size of wheel or rim the 7000 lbs trailer axle fit?

It can fit 15'' or 16'' wheel, which 8 hole on the rim. 

● What it the electric brake volt? 

 It is 10V.

● Can the axle be used on 7200 lb trailer?

This axle is rated 7000 lbs so the maximum loading they can carry is 7000 lbs. Considering safety it cannot be used on rated 7200 lb trailer axle. 

● Do you supply capacity of axles? 

 Yes, we supply 3500 lbs, 5200 lbs and 6000 lbs trailer axles with and without brake too.