Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension Various Capacities
Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension Various Capacities
Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs Suspension Various Capacities

Item specifics

Trailer parts
Surface Finish
black painted
3 leaf - 9 leaf
600 kg - 2000 kg

Product review


Factory video


Capacity SizeLengthFree Camber Surface Treatment
600 KG45mm x 6mm x 3 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
900 KG45mm x 6mm x 4 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
1000 KG45mm x 6mm x 5 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
1200 KG45mm x 6mm x 6 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
1350 KG45mm x 6mm x 7 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
1500 KG45mm x 6mm x 8 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
1600 KG45mm x 6mm x 9 Leaf 760mm150mmBlack painted
700 KG45mm x 8mm x 2 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
850KG45mm x 8mm x 3 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
1100 KG45mm x 8mm x 4 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
1350 KG45mm x 8mm x 5 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
1500KG45mm x 8mm x 6 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
1700KG45mm x 8mm x7 leaf 710mm110mmBlack painted
1350KG60mm x 7mm x 6 leaf 765mm150mmBlack painted
1530KG60mm x 7mm x 7 leaf 765mm150mmBlack painted
1720KG60mm x 7mm x 8 leaf 765mm150mmBlack painted
2000KG60mm x 7mm x 9 leaf 765mm150mmBlack painted


  • Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs are the type of spring that has eye on one end and the other end comprises the open leaf or leaves of the spring. 
  • The slipper end  slides in a spring hanger which is welded to the chassis of the trailer. Front mounting hole is attached on front spring hanger brackets.
  • Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs can be attached to both single axle trailer and multi axle trailers. Slipper Spring Suspension is used on boat trailers mostly.
  • Haway supply a wide range of boat trailer springs. Our leaf springs are made of high quality material and they are strong and durable. 
  • Surface finish of Trailer Slipper Leaf Springs  is black painted or Dacromet, which is widely used on boat trailers.
  • Customer’s design or requirement are acceptable.